Hi! My name is Scott Host, and I'm the original author of Raptor: Call of the Shadows! It succeeded beyond my wildest dreams -- so much so that 28 years later, it's still the game I'm best known for. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was feverishly coding away, squeezing every last drop of power out of my 386 PC. But time and technology never stop advancing, and it's finally time to bring Raptor to a whole new generation of players and devices! Not only am I re-releasing Raptor in its original Classic Form, but also making a new Remixed Raptor to take advantage of the incredible power of modern hardware.

New Raptor music by PfefferMouse
Raptor Patreon
Raptor Patreon

This new version of Raptor will be available for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX, iOS, Apple TV and Android platforms.


What is currently in development for Raptor:

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